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Staff Training

Team challenges during staff training in Lilongwe, April 2014

Part of my role with SU is training staff and preparing them for their work in schools and on camps. It has been a number of years since SU Malawi has had ministry training and since the last training new staff members have been employed. Very early on in our discussions the National Director, Amon Chanika, and I recognised a great need to bring all staff up to speed on how SU does its ministry in Malawi.

We ensured that we made time in the ministry schedule to allow for two days of training. This training ran on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 April in Lilongwe. All twelve staff members of SU met in our house and we began our look at three areas of our work: (1) personal discipleship, (2) the principles and philosophy of SU’s ministry, and (3) practical sessions on how to deliver ministry.

Amon Chanika leading a session during staff training in Lilongwe, April 2014

We were encouraged by the engagement of staff in the topic areas and content covered. We also recognised the benefit of colleagues meeting together and sharing about their work in different parts of the country and praying for each other.

Sessions were led by Pamela and myself and Amon. Our Zonal Co-ordinator in Blantyre, Mackinly Kabaghe, also led a session on team building. This session took us outside and into the fresh air to complete some practical activities. This was probably the session most enjoyed by everyone!

In putting this training event together, we wanted to target areas of our work that we believed were key in seeing God’s good news shared with children, young people and families. We wanted to make sure that our staff were trained in the fundamental principles and practices of our ministry. We desire them to be best equipped with the tools they need to engage people of all ages in the gospel.

Please pray for our staff team as the gospel captures their hearts, and thereby exciting themand spurring them on to share this good news in the opportunities God leads us in to.

SU Malawi staff members during training in Lilongwe, April 2014.