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For the love of a cup of tea | Monday Malawi Memories

Satema Tea Estate (2016) in Southern Malawi.

One of our favourite places to visit in Malawi for a break away was the Satemwa Tea Estate. Spread across 890 hectares in Thyolo District in the Shire Highlands of southern Malawi, you can get lost in the rolling hills of tea. For us as a family it was a welcome break from the hot and dusty city of Lilongwe.

Chawani Bungalow, The Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate

The best times were shared with friends, when we would stay in Chawani Bungalow, just beneath the tea estates highest point. It sat in lush jungle with tea fields stretching as far as the eye could see. The bungalow was a former managers home and could accommodate 10 people. It was a great base from which to explore the estate or simply sit on the veranda reading a book, playing board games, or simply sip on a cup of tea, blended on the estate.

The memory of Satemwa is one of happiness and good friendships. We will ever be thankful for this oasis of calm and peace, and a pot of good quality tea always on the stove.

Monday Malawi Memories recaptures memories from over 20 years in Malawi. Photos won’t be in chronological order and can be on the Lilongwe Letters blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also find them using the hashtag #mondaymalawimemories.

Punjana Tea at home in a tea bush.
A little taste of home back to the source!

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