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Life’s a beach at Chinteche

In previous posts I have written about Kande on the northern lake shore of Malawi, where Scripture Union has a campsite. As much as I loved the rhythms of life at camp I did enjoy the opportunity to get out and drive 10kms north to the town of Chinteche and drop in to the Chinteche Inn.

Back in the 1970s the shoreline from Bandwe Point to the shoreline just north of the Chinteche trading centre had been designated as a tourism development area. In due course a government lodge was built and other lodges sprung up to offer various types of accommodation and activities. After the elections in 1994 that saw the end to the one party state, government hotels and lodges were privatised and the Chinteche Inn has enjoyed the growth of visitors to the north. Managed most recently by Central African Wilderness Safaris and now Sunbird Hotels, the site offered lake view rooms, shaded by tall, indigenous trees and a campsite for a more budget options.

But the main draw was the green lawn giving way to the white sandy beach, where tables and easy chairs sat for afternoon coffee or a dining experience under the stars. It was one of those places that allowed an escape for a few hours to enjoy the beauty of the lake in a quiet and still environment, surrounded by a wood of lush tropical trees.

We had the opportunity to stay on two occasions and our children enjoyed the freedom to explore both the beach and the play park, all in the view of the khonde at the room or from the coffee table on the lawn. It was a destination for many missionary families and their young children because of its safety and relaxed approach to little ones.

To go back to the Chinteche Inn would truly be a relaxing holiday, ensuring rest, quietness and a refreshing place for the soul.

My first visit to the Chinteche Inn in August 2000

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